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F. Scott Kennedy - Bio

Scott Kennedy began studying martial arts in 1991 under the late Hanshi Lemuel "Doc" Stroud, who was a 10th Dan in Hakko-Ryu Ju Jitsu.  In 1995, he began studying, Kenpo Karate, his primary art under 7th Dan Shihan James "Jim" Irwin.  Also, Scott studied extensively under 6th Dan Master T. Carlois.  

Scott holds a 5th degree black sash in American Chin Na Kung Fu from 6th Dan Master T. Carlois.  Scott is a certified instructor in Chin Na Kung Fu.

Scott is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Kobudo under 8th Dan Kyoshi Marcus DeValentino and 7th Dan Shihan Irwin.  Kyoshi DeValentino and Shihan Irwin were direct students of the late Grand Master Seikichi Odo from Japan.  Master Shigeru Nakamura, the Founder of Okinawa Kenpo, appointed Seikichi Odo as Master of Okinawa Kenpo Karate after his death.  Scott  became North Carolina (shibucho) branch director of DeValentino Shudokan Schools International (Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo) in January of 2009 www.OkinawaKenpoDssi.com under direction of Kyoshi Marcus DeValentino.  Scott served in this role until June 2011.

Scott is a certified Level 4 Instructor in Commando Krav Maga (CKM) and a certified Commando Krav Maga Level 1 Shield Total Officer Protection (TOP) instructor.  Scott is the highest ranking Commando Krav Maga Instructor in North Carolina.  Scott was personally trained by Moni Aizik, Founder of Commando Krav Maga, www.commandokravmaga.com.   Mr. Aizik was a member of an elite group of Israeli Special Forces Commandos responsible for counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering behind enemy lines.   Shortly after the Yom Kippur War, Mr. Aizik was asked to help enhance the existing hand-to-hand combat system for certain special units due to his extensive martial arts background and battlefield experience. Mr. Aizik experimented with combative tactics and techniques from Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Mauy Thai and other fighting systems under the most stressful situations.  In his findings, he noted that moves requiring more than 2 gross motor skills would rarely work under stress; you cannot rely on strength because there is always someone stronger than you; and it is much more realistic to train with dynamic, non-cooperative attackers rather than static, cooperative attackers.

Mr. Aizik concluded that you must train the way you would fight thus creating the first ever Pressure Test in reality-based training.  Through rigorous field testing under the most realistic conditions, Mr. Aizik invented new and practical techniques, evolved existing techniques and implemented his Pressure Test to create Commando Krav Maga.  Commando Krav Maga (CKM) is one of the most devastating Israeli Fighting Systems!

Scott also trains with Andrew Lee Clough III.  Mr. Clough is the Founder of Boondock Survival® and has over 30 years of martial arts and fitness experience.  He is a Level 7 Instructor in Commando Krav Maga as well as a CKM Combat Survival Elite Team Member.  He is an expert in CKM, Modified Mauy Thai, Open Defense and Freestyle Karate/Kickboxing/Grappling.  Mr. Clough has also studied in Catch Wrestling, JKD, TKD, Akido, Judo, BJJ, Silat, Systema, Kali, Boxing, Close Quarters Confrontations, Urban Survival, Primitive Survival, and Third-Party Protection. 

Scott has been in law enforcement for over 20 years.  Scott is a former Special Agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).  He served as a SWAT member with the SBI Special Response Team.  He was also assigned to a Joint Terrorism Task Force with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and held secret clearance while combatting terrorism to protect America, the greatest Country in the world.  He culminated his career with the Bureau as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge and pursued ministry work in 2011.  He is still involved in law enforcement and currently is a Lieutenant in charge of the Professional Development Section of the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.  He is also a certified police instructor for the State of North Carolina.  He is a specialized instructor in firearms and tactical baton.

Scott was awarded the highest decoration of bravery in law enforcement, the Medal of Valor, in 2002.  He was also awarded the Officer of the Year Award in 2000.  He received the Director’s Award from the Director of the SBI in 2004.



Martial Arts Classes

Maximum Tactical Survival offers martial arts classes to children and adults.  The children are taught a unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense techniques.   The step-by-step learning method will help each student meet and exceed their physical and mental goals on an individual basis.  The adults are taught Commando Krav Maga (CKM).  Maximum Tactical Survival is a Christian based program that serves Jesus Christ and strives to glorify God’s Kingdom.  We respect the history of all martial arts but we realize true mental and spiritual peace comes through knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Children who take martial arts will develop self-confidence by setting and achieving new goals.  They will learn respect for themselves and others by training in martial arts and learning Christian-based values.  They will also learn courage and patience to handle life’s daily challenges and to stand up for what is right.  Students develop balance, agility, poise, dexterity, and improve overall fitness.  Students are prepared to protect themselves and their families by thinking instead of panicking in potentially dangerous situations.  They will accomplish all of this by participating in fun, dynamic, and challenging lessons.  Most of all, students will learn TRUTH about their own power, character, integrity, and dedication. 

Adults who take Commando Krav Maga (CKM) will learn how to defend themselves and their families.  CKM is a reality based fighting system that teaches a student, regardless of size, age or gender, how to protect themselves in deadly encounters that may happen on the street and in the real world. CKM is considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective Israeli hand-to-hand combat system in the world.  CKM is the ultimate reality-based system engineered for the most brutal and vicious street confrontations. With its no-nonsense approach and straightforward practical moves, CKM prepares you for the unexpected with techniques that can be utilized effectively under pressure.  CKM is not a traditional or sport-based martial art. There are no competitions, rules and regulations. Instead, CKM is a reality-based system designed for the primary goal of survival.   Combat and attacks in the streets are completely unpredictable. There are no rules. There are no referees to stop a fight. Most important: There is no honor code as anything can happen. The attacker might pull a gun, or a knife, or have friends that decide to swarm you. Thugs and criminals are capable of stooping to any sub-human extent.  The CKM Solution: Think like a Commando. Engage the enemy only if there is no other choice, but if you must then exploit his weaknesses to create maximum damage as quickly as possible. Then rapidly disengage before a weapon is introduced or if his friends come to jump in. The goal is simple: Survival. This is the reality of real life attacks.

Commando Krav Maga's highly effective tactics and techniques are built upon a foundation of key concepts for survival:

Engage/Disengage! In a street fight there are no rules or referee stoppages. Staying engaged with your attacker and trying to punish them can be fatal. At any time the attacker can pull out a concealed weapon or their friends may jump in. This is why one of the key concepts in CKM is to disengage whenever you can (as a big ego can you killed) but if you have no choice, immediately engage to create as much damage as quickly as possible then disengage to safety.

The What-Ifs! In order to train realistically, you need to implement the what-if mindset by putting yourself in the attacker's shoes. As the street is unpredictable, you need to consider the different variables. "What if the attacker is bigger, stronger or faster?", "What if the attacker moves from one attack to another?", "What if the attacker's friends jump in to help him?", "What if the attacker is carrying a concealed weapon?"

By internalizing the what-if mentality, you will develop the proper mindset to always prepare for the worst.

Adaptation! In Commando Krav Maga, you are trained to adapt quickly to the changing environment under the most realistic scenarios. After perfecting your tactics and techniques through progressive practice, you must test yourself under the most stressful and dynamic conditions.

Simplicity is Genius! Any technique that requires more than 2 gross motor skills is extremely difficult to perform under stress. In Commando Krav Maga, most of the tactics were designed to be simple and universal so that you don't have to think about the move under stress. They work regardless of the direction you are attacked from as well as the size of the attacker.

Although the tactics and techniques in CKM are simple to perform, it took many years of research and field testing to refine and evolve CKM to where it is today.

Think of a clock: simple on the face but when you look inside, you will see how many detailed and intricate parts it takes to make the clock move. This is symbolic of the ingenuity behind CKM's simple and highly technical yet straight forward tactics.

Once you understand the key concepts and apply them along with Commando Krav Maga's no-nonsense street tactics, you have a much greater chance for survival. 

Survival Camps

Maximum Tactical Survival Camps teach skills and tactics that are designed to be simple but not easy.  We strive to teach skills that participants can learn in limited time and can build upon through his/her own personal training and practice.  Our Mission, “At Maximum Tactical Survival, we strive to nourish the mind, body and soul through effective reality based training in the martial arts, physical fitness and survival tactics with an emphasis on character development to inspire and produce legendary individuals in preparation of life’s challenges.”

At Maximum Tactical Survival Camps, participants learn how to defend themselves and survive.  Camps are designed to prepare participants with maximum knowledge in minimal time.  The training is maximized by teaching skills and tactics that are delivered along with related drills to help the techniques become muscle memory to the participants.  Instruction at camp includes but not limited to: firearms safety, firearms fundamentals/tactics, open-hand combatives, striking weapons defense, psychology of survival,
gun and knife defense/disarming, ground survival, executive/dignitary protection, emergency survival, and much more.

Safety and fun is top a priority at Maximum Tactical Survival.  People with egos and those who sign up just to try to  hurt someone will be asked to leave and will not be given a refund.  Maximum Tactical Survival has zero tolerance for someone that is trying to prove how tough they can be against others.  Our training is open to all law abiding and respectful citizens who agrees to a telephone interview by Scott Kennedy and a criminal history check upon registering for camp.    

Maximum Tactical Survival’s goal is to help hard-working, honest and law abiding people realize that a person will react the way they are trained.  A person’s body will not go where his/her mind has not been.  We desire for you to have the confidence and knowledge to be prepared for life’s most dangerous physical and emotional attacks.

Feel free to contact us to enroll in a life changing survival camp today. 


Self-Defense Classes

Maximum Tactical Survival offers customized self-defense seminars.  Please call to schedule a self-defense seminar for your church, ladies group, office personnel, or any organization looking to learn self-defense and enhance team building. 


How to Enroll

If you want to live a healthier and more fulfilled life, then Maximum Martial Arts is for you.  Believe in yourself and trust that you can reach any goal you set.  Feel free to attend a class and start a new journey in life.  A journey that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  Whether you are interested in enrolling in martial arts training, a survival camp, a customized self-defense class or firearms training – Maximum Tactical Survival is ready to help you change your life today!

Romans 12:21, “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” (KJV).



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